Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cranberries & Glitter

It is holiday season, so you all know what that means!!! I can use glitter everyday without anyone giving me weird Yesterday I came up with this look since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and I named it cranberries and glitter. (not pictured is the nyx jumbo pencil in gold, the 120 palette colors in gold and cranberry) To watch the video tutorial just click the enclosed vid....enjoy

To get this look just keep reading..
Embark (mac) as crease blending color
Rust (nyx) also in crease
gold glitter (sally girl) apply this after you apply your lid color (bh cosmetics 120 palette)
eggplant gel liner (maybelline)
mac lashes #34 to finish the eyes =)
and to add a little more "fall like" feel to it add a plumish lip color I used 'fine wine' by covergirl (queen collection)

Monday, June 20, 2011

MAC New Glamglass Collection

On July 28th Mac Cosmetics will be launching their brand new collection that consist of Lipgloss. As you may already know Mac has previously had Dazzleglass,Lipglass,and now they have Glamglass. Im really excited for this collection because they are also introducing an all new brush applicator that provides more shine to your lips as you apply it.

In this collection there will be 8 different lip pencils and 11 different Glamglass. The lip pencils will be ($13 each) and the Glamglass will be ($14.50 each). Im a very big fan of lipgloss and this is by far the most interesting collect Mac has came out with that I am anxious to get my hands on. Comment below telling me how you feel about this collection. Do you think Mac needs to slow down with the collections or do you want them to keep rolling them out?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Fashion Trend Alert!!!!


Summer is almost here and so are the hottest trends. This year all over the spring/summer 2011 runways has been Colorblocking,which is a hot fashion trend that originated in the 90s, it combines two or more blocks of colors in an ensemble. In other words put together an outfit with solid colors and place them side by side. The louder and brighter the colors are, the better, so don't be afraid to go BOLD!!!  If this is your first time trying this out maybe you would want to do either your shoes or jewelry, then work your way up to the clothing and makeup. So pull out your color wheel and get to blocking!!!
Gucci Spring/Summer 2011


February 1992 issue of Cosmopolitan

Swimsuits and dresses shoes

Makeup purse

Colorwheel that will help you along the way ;)