Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Casual day #1 (shopping)

Today I opted out to go for something casual to do a little shopping. Im in love with pastel pants for the spring/summer, normally I wouldn't pair a bright color with a pastel but with these pants since they are more of a darker mint color, a bright blazer would be perfect with it. When wearing pastels and brights I try not to add much color to my accessories nor do I try to over do them so I piece simple accessories as such. Since this is a shopping outfit I didn't want to wear any heels so I went for some simple flat sandals. 

Top: $31 -
Blazer: $30 -
Pants: $65 -
Shoes: $60 -
Purse: $25 -
Watch: $250 -
Earrings: $10 -
Necklace: $19 -
Nail polish: $8 -

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